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Immediately after having hair restoration in Virginia Beach to treat hair loss in women or men, it’s important for patients to refrain from aggressively styling their hair. In fact, you’ll even be advised to wash the graft sites very carefully. Follow the instructions you received from the hair loss clinic regarding caring for your scalp while the grafts heal. Within a few weeks of hair restoration, the new hair implants will shed and it will take about three to six months to grow new hair. Your doctor may recommend that you wait at least three weeks before visiting a hair stylist. You may wish to keep your existing hair very short for a while to help the new hair growth blend in better.

You can generally expect to begin using styling products in about two weeks after the procedure. You should avoid dying your hair for at least three weeks. Additionally, avoid using a blow dryer or other heat styling device for at least one week. When you do begin using heat styling devices again, use a low setting for a while.

Styling After A Hair Transplant Procedure from Virginia Surgical Center