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Your hair speaks volumes about your personality. To reflect a fun-loving, outgoing personality, some women dye bright pink or blue streaks in their hair. For a no-fuss lifestyle, other women might habitually put their hair up into a tight bun or keep it cropped very short. You can alter your hairstyle to suit your preferences, but it’s harder to hide hair loss in women. And if you do develop abnormal hair loss, it can reflect more on your overall health than you might realize. Consider visiting a hair loss clinic in Richmond to find out about your hair restoration options.

Your Hormonal Balance

Many women opt for hair transplant surgery because of hair loss caused by hormonal imbalances. Hormones wield significant influence throughout the body. When women have excess testosterone levels, they may develop hair growth on their bodies and hair loss on the scalp. Thyroid disorders are another common cause of hair loss in women. A hypoactive thyroid gland can contribute to thinning hair. Likewise, excessively high estrogen levels can also make the hair appear less full than it used to.

Your Stress Level

Occasional stress is to be expected, but many women experience poor reactions to stressors on a near-daily basis. In terms of hair loss, major emotional or physical stress can lead to excessive shedding. For example, a few months after suffering a death in the family, going through a divorce, having surgery, or enduring a major illness, women may notice that they are shedding a great deal more hair than usual.

Your Reproductive History

It’s not uncommon for women to start thinking about hair implants after giving birth. Pregnancy wreaks havoc on a woman’s normal hormone levels. Additionally, childbirth is a significant source of physical and emotional stress. This is why a woman might notice thinning hair and perhaps even balding areas a few months after welcoming a child into the world. Fortunately, hair loss caused by pregnancy is only temporary and typically doesn’t require treatment.

Female Hair Loss Treatment at Virginia Surgical Center