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Outpatient Procedure for Hair Loss

Surgical Transplantation in Washington DC Metro Area and Virginia

At Virginia Surgical Hair Center, the surgical transplantation of hair follicles is a remarkably easy outpatient procedure. Lifelong hair follicles are found in good supply in virtually all men and women, even with advanced stages of baldness. These lifelong hairs are concentrated in an area at the back and sides of the head. We call this region the “donor area.” During the hair transplant procedure, our physicians take excess hairs – follicles and all – from this plentiful area and relocate them to areas of thinning and balding on the top or front of the head. Of course, your approval of our strategy for your hair is an absolute must and will be your physicians’ general guide in tailoring your new hairline. Please be advised that individual hair transplant results may vary.

Hair loss treatments in McLean, VA

A Genetic Problem?

For most of us who are experiencing premature baldness, the cause is genetic. Hair loss, like eye color, is an inherited trait. While you were still forming in the womb, your hair follicles were being genetically coded. If genes responsible for hair loss were present, they made the hair follicles on top of your head sensitive to the hormone dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. These follicles were then predisposed to begin shrinking when you reached adulthood. Unfortunately, once this genetic ball gets rolling, it will continue throughout your lifetime. As the hairs produced by your ever-shrinking follicles become finer and finer, they will begin failing to grow to normal length. And what is first noticed as “thinning hair” or a “receding hairline” progresses to baldness when the shrinking follicles finally stop producing any hair at all.

Male hair loss treatment in McLean, VA

For Men and Women

The techniques and process utilized at Virginia Surgical Hair Center are equally effective in treating hair loss for both men and women. “When it comes to hair loss, everyone’s situation is different and personal. While heredity is the primary cause of hair loss in most cases, the severity of hair loss, its pattern, and the impact on that person’s life is truly unique. So is the solution. For many men and women, the benefits of a permanent solution to hair loss, hair restoration, is the right choice. But whatever your situation, VSC wants you to have all the information, so you can make the right choice for you.”

Popular Misconceptions

For many years our schools have taught – quite erroneously – that hair loss is always inherited from the mother’s father. Medical science now knows that baldness genes are passed down from both sides of the family. They also can skip generations, and are utterly random in terms of which siblings they will affect; it is quite common for a woman to keep a full head of hair while her sister begins experiencing severe thinning in her twenties.

Have Minimal Scars

The “trichophytic” donor closure technique allows for a linear donor scar to be camouflaged, even in those patients with short hairstyles or buzz cuts. In other hair restoration procedures, the surrounding hair could easily cover the scar. For those patients with very short hair, the donor scar could be visible. With the trichophytic closure, the “overlapping” technique results in hair growing directly through the donor scar. This dramatically improves coverage of the scar.