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When you meet with a hair doctor near McLean, he or she will evaluate your pattern and severity of hair loss before recommending a hair loss solution that is right for you. If you’re planning to undergo surgical hair restoration, your doctor may recommend the dense packing approach. Dense packing may be ideal for hair restoration patients who wish to increase the density of hair grafts in just one session. When it is performed by a highly trained hair loss doctor, hair replacement with dense packing can result in graft survival rates of about 90 percent.

For addressing hair loss in women and men, dense packing is an approach that can result in very natural-looking results. The total number of hair grafts is out of context unless it is compared to the total surface area. By placing the hair grafts in recipient sites that are close together, the patient can enjoy the look of thicker, fuller hair.

Dense Packing Hair Transplant by Virginia Surgical Center