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Innovative Laser Therapy for Hair Loss Near You

At Virginia Surgical Center, we offer high-quality, comprehensive hair loss services, both surgical and non-surgical, in the McLean, VA area, serving both male and female patients. Our services can be utilized for receding hairlines, thinning eyebrows, bald spots and much more. When you choose Virginia Surgical Center, you are getting the best of the best expertise and experience. Our professionals specialize in hair loss solutions which makes them the perfect solution for your hair loss needs. Experience state of the art technology, trustworthy experts, and a customized treatment plan. One of our incredible services is laser hair therapy.

Laser Tek 12000 Hair Therapy

Virginia Surgical Center is proud to provide Laser Tek 12000 hair therapy services. It is one of the most advanced laser therapy machines in the industry. With this FDA-approved class 3A cosmetic device, you can achieve your hair goals faster than ever. The laser is cool to the touch, and many of our patients have reported feeling no sensation at all from the treatment. Over the past 20 years that our center has been serving McLean, VA and the surrounding areas, our staff has helped thousands of men and woman combat the effects of male and female pattern baldness.

Laser Hair Therapy Treatment

During laser hair therapy treatment, Virginia Surgical Center’s Laser Tek 12000 cosmetic machine streams laser light from as many as 160 diodes directly onto the bald area. This directly boosts blood supply and stimulates the metabolism of the hair-follicle cells, which is crucial to hair growth. This laser light also:

  • Improves blood and lymph circulation
  • Increases energy to the cells allowing the cells to absorb nutrients and remove waste faster
  • Brings cells into oscillation patterns

How Do Laser Hair Therapy Sessions Work?

We normally recommend hair therapy sessions twice a week until the desired progress is reached. Before we start your therapy sessions, we will provide you with a detailed estimate of how many laser hair therapy sessions will be needed to achieve your desired result. Here’s what to expect:

  • When you first come into our office, a professional technician will attend to you, bring you back to the room, and explain the therapy session.
  • The technician will then adjust the Laser Tek 12000 to your personal needs.
  • During the session our technicians will provide you with other resources to help support hair regrowth, such as shampoo, conditioner, and other hair products.
  • After the laser hair therapy is done, usually around 45 minutes, the technician will schedule your next session.

Who Is Eligible for Laser Hair Therapy?

While low level laser therapy hair loss treatment is quicker, laser hair therapy can also be used for patients with more advanced hair loss. Low level hair loss can mean several things. For men, it usually means hair loss on the front hair line and/or on top of the scalp. For women, low level hair loss usually appears around the center line of the head.

Advantages of Laser Hair Therapy

Laser Tek 12000 hair therapy is one of the best non-surgical hair solutions in the industry. When you choose laser hair therapy you will experience many advantages and benefits, including:

  • Non-Invasive – Low level laser therapy hair treatment is completely non-invasive, as it doesn’t affect inner tissue. It works over the skin. It’s not painful or uncomfortable with the infrared light design.
  • No Negative Effects – Even after years of laser hair therapy in use, there have been no recorded side effects. While there are no negative effects, please inform your doctor if you are using any photosensitive products and medications. This will ensure that our team can provide you with the best treatment possible.
  • Short Sessions – With two sessions a week at 45 minutes a session, you will receive quality results without taking up a giant chunk of your time. You can even watch TV or read during the treatment.
  • Popularity – More and more people with hair loss issues are turning to the incredible non-surgical solution of laser hair therapy. With rising popularity, more and more people have access to laser hair therapy.
  • For Everybody – Laser hair therapy is an incredible option for anyone, no matter age or gender. In addition, it’s also affordable at Virginia Surgical Center.

How Laser Therapy Helps Hair Grow for Men

Laser therapy for hair growth can be used as a solo treatment or part of an integrated hair loss treatment plan. For men with thinning or beginning balding low level hair therapy can be an incredible solution. When our doctors at Virginia Surgical Center apply the Laser Tek 12000 to your balding areas, hair growth is stimulated.

For men with low level balding, laser therapy can be a great option to prevent further balding and stimulate the hair growth cycle for thicker hair. If there are more severe balding issues present, a surgical hair solution may be recommended before laser hair therapy. For men who have undergone surgical procedures, laser hair therapy can restart the hair growth cycle, increases the thickness of the hair shaft, and accelerate cell division.

How Laser Therapy Helps Hair Grow for Women

For thousands of women, laser hair therapy has helped to prevent and slow the progression of balding/thinning and increased hair growth. It even promotes healing and improves the health of your scalp. We highly recommend several topical solutions in addition to laser hair therapy as this can accelerate healing after your hair therapy sessions and increase the hair growth and rejuvenation.

Why Choose Virginia Surgical Center?

When you choose Virginia Surgical Center as your laser hair therapy provider in McLean, VA, you choose experts in the hair loss industry and state of the art technology, such as the Laser Tek 12000. Our hair loss experts will provide you with a customized treatment plan for you so that you can achieve your hair goals. In addition to laser hair therapy, we offer the following services for your convenience:

Free Online or Free in Person Consultation