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Grow Your Hair Naturally with Nutrafol®

Virginia Surgical Center provides Nutrafol® hair growth supplements to patients throughout McLean, Richmond and Virginia Beach, VA. If you’re suffering from hair loss, our expert team can help. We proudly provide customized hair restoration treatments that help address specific hair loss needs. With Nutrafol® hair growth nutraceuticals, patients can grow their hair naturally. Our partnership with Nutrafol® allows us to offer a non-surgical treatment for hair loss with hair growth supplements. Men and women can enjoy thicker and healthier hair with hair growth supplements that have been specifically developed for them. For the best hair loss solutions, visit our state-of-the-art facility.

What is Nutrafol®?

Nutrafol® is a hair growth supplement that is clinically-proven, drug-free, and made from natural ingredients. Manufactured by Nutraceutical Wellness, this product is the fastest-growing supplement for healthy hair and hair growth. Nutrafol® has been clinically studied and proven to improve hair growth by up to 80 percent. It works best when used with our surgical or non-surgical hair loss solutions.

What Causes Hair Loss?

When it comes to hair loss, various factors can cause it. Hair loss can be caused by heredity factors, hormonal changes, certain medical conditions, natural aging, and much more. Hair loss can even be caused by lifestyle changes such as toxic environments, stress, or a poor diet. Anyone can be susceptible to hair loss, but it is most common in men.

Who is a Good Candidate for Nutrafol®?

Nutrafol® works best in patients whose hair loss is minimal. If you suffer from mild to moderate hair thinning, you are likely a good candidate for Nutrafol®. This hair loss supplement also works best when used by patients whose hair loss is caused by stress, age, genetics, or all three. Both men and women can be candidates for Nutrafol®. Patients who have realistic goals. While this hair loss supplement can give patients healthier, shinier hair, it is not an overnight solution.

How Does Nutrafol® Work?

Nutrafol® helps restore hair growth by reducing stress and androgens in the body. Androgens are hormones that contribute to growth and reproduction. This hormone can be found in both men and women. Additionally, Nutrafol® supplements work to neutralize free radicals and inflammatory molecules, which affect hair growth. To learn more about how Nutrafol® works, get in touch with us.

What Supplement Types Does Nutrafol® Offer?

Nutrafol® offers wide range of supplement types, including Nutrafol® Women, Men, Postpartum, and Women’s Balance, which is designed for both perimenopausal and postmenopausal women.

Some Safety Considerations of Nutrafol®

Like with any supplement, Nutrafol® is not FDA-regulated. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, discussing any new supplement with your doctor before taking it regularly is important. It’s also essential to speak to a healthcare professional if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in Nutrafol® or have any pre-existing health conditions. While Nutrafol® is found to be safe by both researchers and users, some Nutrafol® may intervene with medical tests, worsen bleeding conditions, or increase the risk of congenital anomalies. Because of this, it is important to practice caution, especially if pregnant.

The Strengthening Hair Growth Duo

Collagen Infusion pairs with daily Nutrafol® Hair Growth Nutraceuticals to multi-target the root causes of thinning with added support to combat the effects of aging on hair. Hair Growth Nutraceuticals are the foundation for hair growth and are clinically proven to improve hair growth, visible thickness, and strength by targeting multiple root causes of thinning through all life stages. Our Collagen Infusion provides extra support for aging. It replenishes collagen and protects the scalp from aging to help build stronger hair. Ask about getting started with the Nutrafol® strengthening hair duo today.

Replenish & Protect with Nutrafol® Collagen Infusion

By age 30, your body begins breaking down 1-2% of your collagen each year. By age 50, you’ll lose up to 30% of your collagen in your skin and scalp. Collagen Infusion is an advanced collagen peptide powder specifically formulated to combat the effects of aging to help build stronger hair. Collagen is important for hair because collagen structures in the scalp act as anchors for your follicles, creating a foundation for healthy hair growth and delivering protein needed for stronger hair strands.

Aging affects the hair. The scalp loses collagen and elastin as you age. This structural breakdown eliminates key components of the scalp that protect, hydrate, and replenish nutrients needed for hair growth. This breakdown causes hair to become shorter, weaker, and less pigmented. The Nutrafol® Collagen Infusion combats this process. The peptides featured in this infusion are bio-optimized to help improve hair strength and provide hydration. This advanced formula is also infused with innovative actives that protect collagen structures from aging and strengthening amino acids for keratin support.

The Features of Nutrafol® Collagen Infusion

Collagen Infusion is physician-formulated with innovative ingredients that help strengthen hair, improve visible signs of aging, and increase hydration and elasticity. Our Nutrafol® Collagen Infusion features:

  • Dissolves ultra-quickly in hot and cold liquids and has no taste
  • Physician-formulated
  • Free of hormones, drugs, gluten, dairy, soy, GMO, and artificial colors and flavorings
  • Recyclable packaging

Contact Us Today for Hair Regrowth Supplements

We offer non-surgical and surgical hair loss solutions for patients throughout McLean, Richmond, and Virginia Beach, VA. Regardless of the cause of your hair loss, we can help. Hair growth nutraceuticals are one of our specialties, so rest assured you will be in good hands at our surgical center. If you are ready to take control of your hair, contact Virginia Surgical Center to learn how Nutrafol® can help you.

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