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For men, shaved heads can be quite fashionable. However, when hair loss isn’t a choice, men may feel embarrassed or ashamed about their appearance. As with hair loss in women, hair loss in men can result in the loss of self-esteem. It may also make a man seem older than he really is. If you’ve noticed a receding hairline or a balding spot, you need to find a way to cope with your hair loss. There are plenty of hair loss treatment options available for men. You might consider visiting a hair loss clinic near Richmond to have your hair loss evaluated and learn about your treatment options.

Coping with Mild Hair Loss

Men who have thinning hair that isn’t highly noticeable yet may wish to wait to have a hair restoration procedure. While it’s advisable not to wait too long, men may find that certain styling techniques can draw attention away from areas of thinning hair. For example, avoid using liberal amounts of gels and other styling products, since these can cause the hair to clump together and reveal larger areas of the scalp. You might also consider growing facial hair. Growing a goatee or beard encourages people to keep their eyes on your face, rather than on the top of your head.

Consulting a Doctor

Male pattern baldness is quite common, yet sometimes, hair loss in men may be caused by a medical condition. If your hair loss occurs suddenly, you may wish to see a doctor. He or she may order medical tests to rule out the possibility of underlying health problems.

Considering Hair Restoration Procedures

Before the bald spots or thinning hair becomes too noticeable, consider talking to a hair doctor about your hair loss restoration options. Using advanced techniques such as trichophytic closure and dense packing, a hair doctor can work miracles on receding hairlines and bald spots without leaving any obvious signs of the procedure. Hair restoration procedures can restore your youthful appearance and your self-esteem.

Hair Loss Treatment at Virginia Surgical Center