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A hair doctor may use the trichophytic donor closure technique when performing hair transplants near McLean. This sophisticated surgical technique allows for optimal camouflage of the hair transplant scar. Normally, the donor scar is up to two millimeters wide. This is small enough to be easily camouflaged with surrounding hair. However, individuals who opt for hair loss treatment and wish to maintain very short hairstyles may still have a small, visible scar. Thanks to this advanced surgical technique, hair can grow through the donor scar to effectively conceal it.

When performing surgery for hair implants with trichophytic donor closure, the surgeon allows one edge of the site to slightly overlap the other before he or she closes the site. Eventually, the hair begins to grow again in the donor scar area. The result is a virtually undetectable donor scar. The only evidence that a hair transplant has been performed is that the donor site may appear slightly paler than the surrounding skin. The trichophytic donor closure technique is ideal for procedures that treat hair loss in women and men.

Before and After Trichophytic Donor Closure at Virginia Surgical Center