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Male pattern baldness is not the only form of hair loss that affects men. Many men have difficulty growing beards, sideburns, or other facial hair, and may seek out hair restoration or hair implants. Sideburn and beard transplants are safe, effective, and natural methods of hair restoration for men. A physician at a hair loss clinic in Richmond can discuss your facial hair transplant options with you.

Many men have difficulty growing a beard or sideburns, but feel that facial hair would improve their appearance, especially if they look very youthful. Facial hair transplant surgery is the perfect solution to this problem. A physician at a hair loss clinic can use a follicular unit extraction procedure to harvest hair follicles from a donor site on the body, and then perform a facial hair transplant surgery to permanently implant the hairs. Whether you have patchy, sparse facial hair, or suffer from an illness or injury that makes you incapable of growing facial hair, a facial hair transplant can help you. Schedule a consultation at a hair loss clinic near you, and discover your hair implant and hair restoration options.

Hair Care After Hair Transplant By Virginia Surgical Center