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Lateral Slit Technique Hair Loss Solution in McLean, Richmond, and Virginia Beach

Virginia Surgical Hair Center has been using the lateral slit technique for 10 years. By using this method we are able to provide our clients with results that closely imitates nature. Using the lateral slit technique allows us to control the angle and direction of your hair growth. This means we now have the ability to transplant hair in areas that were previously thought of as impossible e.g. the temple areas and or the sideburn regions.

Lateral Slit Technique Hair Loss Solution in McLean, VA

How Does the Lateral Slit Technique Benefit Me?

Grafts that have been placed because of dense packing using the lateral slit technique look and feel more natural as compared to other techniques being used. Another great benefit of using this technique is that it allows us to control the grafts exit angle which means better scalp coverage. Better coverage will give your hair more density.

The lateral graft technique allows the surgeon to create what is known as a “ shingling” effect. This technique allows surrounding hairs to layer over one another, thus giving you greater visual coverage of your thinning scalp.

It is extremely difficult, even for a trained professional to tell the difference between the lateral slit technique and natural hair.

Customizing to You

There are some patients that are suffering from advanced hair loss. This means that the patient may require more hair grafts than is available in the donor area. Scenarios like this are perfect for the lateral slit technique because it gives an excellent illusion of thicker healthier hair.

Here at Virginia Surgical Hair Center, we use custom-sized blades. This allows us to perfectly match the graft and opening size. Using such precision allows us to accurately place grafts in between any existing hairs. This increases graft survival and is the main reason that they have a 99.9% success rate.

You do not have to go another day living with thinning or balding hair. Call us today to schedule your free consultation 703-847-6660 or complete our online consultation form and one of our hair loss experts will call you.

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