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Women with thinning hair can often benefit from procedures for hair restoration. However, while you’re considering whether hair restoration is right for you, you might use some styling techniques to camouflage your thinning hair. Hair loss in women may be temporarily resolved by choosing updo hairstyles that add volume and give the illusion of having much thicker hair. Before putting your hair in an updo, add some dry shampoo, texturizer, or other hair care product that will thicken your hair and add texture.

Then, watch this video to see a stylist’s demonstration of a beautiful updo that effectively camouflages her client’s thinning hair. This stylist demonstrates braiding and knotting techniques and explains how to give the hair more volume. Although this elegant updo is perfect for any occasion, it’s only a temporary measure.

Virginia Surgical Hair Center has been treating women with hair loss for 25 years. We help many women who have female pattern hair loss. Women often keep their hairline while they can show thinning behind it. We can decide if you are a good candidate for a hair restoration procedure. At Virginia Surgical Hair Center we will focus each transplanted hair’s angle and direction to make sure it blends with your existing hair. Within three to four month, your new hair will begin to grow at the normal annual rate of approximately six inches. Please call Virginia Surgical hair Center for your consultation at 703-847-6660. We have clinics in Virginia Beach, Richmond, and Mclean.