The Hair Max Laser Comb? Does It Really Work?

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hair max laser combAccording to a recent survey many people have admitted to having to deal with hair loss by spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The same hair loss suffers also mentioned the countless hours spent using drugs, messy topical solutions, as well as the so-called miracle supplements that guarantee to grow your hair back magically. The majority of hair loss solutions on the market fail to mention that you need a prescription. To make matters worse most of the medications have some sort of side effects.

The bad thing about today’s solutions to hair loss is that they require an ongoing cost for minimal results. The truth of the matter is the majority of the solutions on the market today do little to nothing to help promote the growth of your hair. At the end of the day many of those suffering from thinning or balding hair just have to suffer their loss. Thanks to the medical breakthroughs at Virginia Surgical Center and the Hair Max Laser Comb (Class II) technology both men and women no longer have to suffer.

After a little over two decades the advanced technology developed in Sydney Australia was released. The technology was made compact and affordable for consumers. The Hair Max Laser Comb has been clinically tested and proven, as well as FDA 510(k) Cleared. It is also considered to be a medical device that grows stronger and thicker hair in as little as 16 weeks.

proven solution hair max laser combA Proven Solution To Hair Loss

Every since 2000 the Hair Max Laser Comb has managed to develop a track record for outstanding results. Across the board these results were outstanding for both men and women who suffered from hereditary hair loss. The use of  Hair Max Laser Comb treatments has proven to be an effective solution in the battle against hair loss. It was also discovered that it improved the overall health of your scalp.

Those that have had a hair transplant have found that continuing their at home treatment with a Hair Max Laser Comb had increased the chances of outstanding results. A Hair Max Laser Comb is the perfect complement to a hair transplant procedure and is highly recommended by the experts at Virginia Surgical Center.

It is not recommended that anyone uses any type of laser technology without first being educated on the correct use. It is highly recommended that you schedule a consultation with a hair loss expert to find out what type of laser technology if any would work best for your particular situation.

the hair max laser combUnderstanding The Science Behind The Hair Max Laser Comb

The Hair Max Laser Comb works by stimulating the natural hair growth cycle. Utilizing a process known as Photo-Biostimulation, the Hair Max Laser Comb energizes all of the follicles to help promote a strong and healthy hair growth experience. As most people know, light is energy, and the Hair Max Laser Comb produces and delivers a safe light energy into the users scalp.

This process is similar to the way that photosynthesis converts light energy into plant energy. The light energy produced is absorbed by the cells in each of your hair follicles. It is then converted into cellular energy, thus stimulating growth. Whenever the hair follicles have more energy, it is able to produce hair that is healthier, grows faster, and that grows longer. Please understand not just any light will do, and this is where most consumers are taken advantage of by scrupulous hair loss companies.

Hair Max’s Laser Comb Teeth Technology Is The Secret

The Hair Max Laser Comb has a patented arrangement of teeth which ensures that all the laser energy is absorbed by the scalp. It is the design of the teeth that makes the Hair Max Laser Comb so effective on a consistent basis.

Because of the plowing and parting of the hair, the teeth on the Hair Max Laser Comb guarantees that the scalp receives equal amounts of laser light. This patented mechanism is what ensures the results throughout the entire treatment area.

What To Expect From A Hair Max Laser Comb Therapy

From the first treatment, you can expect an overall rejuvenation of the scalp. The immediate benefits of using a Hair Max Laser Comb is the increase manageability of the hair. In many cases people have reported an increase in their hair’s shine.

At first it will be extremely difficult to notice your new hair growth. This is why it is recommended that you seek the help of a hair loss expert. An expert has the technology to see the micro baby hairs that are starting to grow in. Even though you may not be able to see the growth the Laser treatment is hard at work, helping to regrow a full head of hair.

virginia-surgical-center-happy-customerWho Is A Candidate For Hair Max Laser Comb Treatments

Men and women suffering from balding or thinning hair caused by hereditary conditions is known as pattern baldness. Most noteworthy doctors use a system known as the Norwood Hamilton Classification which is used for men, and the Ludwig-Savin Classification is used for women to describe the degrees of hair loss.

How To Use The Hair Max Laser Comb The Right Way

It is crucial that you administer your Hair Max Laser Comb treatments exactly as directed. You should administer treatments three times per week for at least 8-15 minutes. The length of time you administer the treatments will depend on which model of the Hair Max Laser Comb you own. You should only give yourself treatments on non-consecutive days e.g. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. In order to get the best results it is best to give yourself treatments after shampooing your hair or adding any gels, hairsprays or any other topicals that could hinder treatment.

Use Recommendation

At the end of the day there is only one permanent solution to hair loss and that is having a hair transplant. All other forms of treatment takes constant upkeep in order to be effective. Once the upkeep stops so does the results. With that said and done let me cover a few of the benefits of using Hair Max Laser Combs in conjunction with a hair transplant treatment. Each of the remedies alone are great, but together they each address hair loss from different angles and using them both together can significantly improve your results. The nourishing laser light energy from the Hair Max Laser Comb may help to reduce post-surgical shedding, improve healing time and promote healthier graft retention.

 Quality Assurance

We live in digital age, and along with that comes many opportunist that are looking to take advantage of consumers. There are many fake LaserComb manufactures out there who are looking to take your money. Side-by-side the fake LaserCombs look exactly like the real ones. The only difference is the level of quality of lighting. This is why it is highly recommended that you only purchase your LaserComb from an authorize dealer.

If you are considering Hair Max Laser Comb therapy give us a call here at Virginia Surgical Center and let us help you choose the right one for you – 1-888-764-9400


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