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hair transplant virginia | Virginia Surgical Center | Hair restorationIf you are concerned about your thinning hair and are not sure where to begin, you have come to the right place.  Here at the Virginia Surgical Hair Center we understand that hair loss is unique to every individual.  That is why we offer customized FDA approved solutions that help address your specific hair loss circumstance and personal needs. Let Virginia Surgical Center help you re-grow your own hair back.  Our work is guaranteed and we know a successful hair procedure is life altering. Guided by our relentless focus on implementing and perfecting the industries best techniques combined with our experience of 23 years we are the areas leader for hair restoration.

Thanks to the VSC (serving Virginia Beach, Mclean, Richmond, Northern Virginia, and the Washington DC area for your.) Follicular Unit Transplantation process, a permanent solution for balding has become a simple outpatient procedure. From start to finish, the procedure takes anywhere from four to seven hours. Like traditional surgical procedures, hair restoration follows a complete pre-surgery evaluation that explores a patient’s medical history and confirms that the patient’s goals are realistic. 

Since 1992, VSC, a pioneer in the fields of hair restoration, has been honing, refining and perfecting the scientific and artistic techniques essential to recreating soft, natural, living hairlines. The final result is your own hair re-growing along your natural hairlines.

VSC is one of the top notch facilities that specializes in hair restoration in Fairfax VA, Richmond, Northern Virginia and the surrounding areas, and we are qualified to perform the Follicular Unit Transplantation process.

What Are Follicular Units

hair transplant virginia | http://virginiasurgical.comHair grows in tiny bundles called follicular units – well-formed structures in the scalp. A follicular unit consists of one-to-four terminal or fully thick hair follicles. Each follicular unit also contains one-to-two fine vellus hairs, sebaceous (oil) glands, a small muscle, tiny nerves, blood vessels, and a fine band of collagen that surrounds the unit (the perifolliculum). A follicular unit is a hair bearing structure of skin, which must be kept intact to ensure maximum growth. In genetic balding, healthy terminal hairs are gradually replaced by hairs of smaller diameter and length, referred to as miniaturized hairs, which eventually fallout.

Causes of Hair Loss

For most individuals who are experiencing premature baldness, the cause is genetic. Hair loss, like eye color, is an inherited trait. While you were still forming in the womb, your hair follicles were being genetically coded. If genes responsible for hair loss were present, they made the hair follicles on top of your head sensitive to the hormone dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. These follicles were then predisposed to begin shrinking when you reached adulthood.

Unfortunately, once this genetic ball gets rolling, it will continue throughout your lifetime. As the hairs produced by your ever-shrinking follicles become finer and finer, they will begin failing to grow to normal length. And what is first noticed as “thinning hair” or a “receding hairline” progresses to baldness when the shrinking follicles finally stop producing any hair at all. 

The Procedure

During the hair transplant procedure, grafts are placed ONE AT A TIME in a unique way depending on your particular loss, in the thinning and balding areas. VSC physicians and staff are trained to artistically perform this procedure in a manner that results in virtually undetectable natural-looking restored hairlines and natural density.

Preoperative Procedure

Prior to your procedure and on the day of your procedure, the surgeon and staff will walk you through the procedure, review instructions and address any questions you might have. Preoperative photographs will be taken. We will then finalize your personal, strategically optimal design, initially outlined during your consultation. After the plan has been carefully reviewed and confirmed, the actual procedure will commence.

Step 1: Donor Hair Harvesting

donar harvesting | hair transplant | virginia surgical center

The donor area, located on the scalp, generally one anesthetized. All the while you will be relaxing comfortably while watching a movie of your choice. The donor area will be closed using a trichophytic closure technique to ensure optimal healing. Sutures are generally removed in seven days. Sometimes, in special situations, dissolving sutures are used. Dissolving sutures do not have to be removed. The resulting incision line scar will be minimized and easily concealed by your own hair. The method of donor hair removal practiced by Virginia Surgical Center allows for constant adjustment of the angle of incision to avoid damaging the adjacent hairs and thereby makes available the most hair for transplantation.

Step 2: Graft Preparation

The next step is to carefully dissect the donor strip. The donor strip, under the extreme magnification of the stereoscopic microscope, is dissected into miniature silvers. This requires a great deal of skill, manual dexterity, training and experience, all prerequisites of our medical team. The slivers are then meticulously segmented into follicular units avoiding damage or transection to the adjacent hairs, the sebaceous glands and the hair roots. VSC, employing this technique, is able to harvest up to thirty percent more hair and increase the survival rate of the transplanted hair exponentially. This is essential. We all have only a limited amount of donor hair, none of which should be wasted.

Step 3: Transplantation 

Once the grafts have been carefully prepared using stereoscopic microscopes, they are ready to be transplanted. Specialized instruments are used by Virginia Surgical Center to create tiny little slits – no bigger than a pinprick. These tiny little slits are artistically created – always cognizant of angle and direction in order to mimic the natural hairline. A follicular unit graft is then skillfully inserted – neatly and snuggly tucked – into the newly created opening. The grafts are so small and are placed into such minute pinprick sized slits, that there is minimal blood circulation disruption. This allows for the grafts to be densely packed, again, in order to mimic the natural hairline.

Growing New Hair

In the first one to three weeks, your transplanted hair will appear to be growing rapidly, while in actuality the follicles are in a dormant phase recovering from the shock of the transplant, and many will be in the process of temporarily falling out. Your hair will then start growing after about three months. When your hair does start growing, the shafts may look thinner than usual and may have a curly or kinky appearance, but as your hair reaches a length of about one-half inch, it will thicken. Slow initial growth often proves a boon for patients, who generally prefer that friends and family not perceive a sudden, major change. After eight months to a year, the benefits from your hair transplant will be apparent, achieving 90% of your total result after a year and continuing to thicken for another year.

Pursuing the Perfect Transplanted Hairline

The scientific and artistic techniques that VSC has been performing since 1992 allow VSC physicians to recreate soft, natural, living hairlines that are virtually indistinguishable from the original hairlines that have eroded away. Your finished hairlines are usually so soft and natural; they don’t have to be hidden by combing over in the front.

For Men and Women

The techniques and process utilized at Virginia Surgical Center are equally effective in treating hair thinning for both men and women. “When it comes to hair thinning, everyone’s situation is different and personal. While heredity is the primary cause of hair thinning in most cases, the severity of hair loss, its pattern, and the impact on that person’s life is truly unique. So is the solution. For many men and women, the benefits of a permanent solution to hair loss, hair restoration, is the right choice. But whatever your situation, Virginia Surgical Center wants you to have all the information, so you can make the right choice for you.”

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