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Hair Regrowth in Virginia

Virginia Surgical Center works with patients to help them experience hair regrowth in Virginia, using the power of regenerative cells. Although this term sounds very scientific, its meaning is actually quite simple; it means cells that can self-renew and divide, making more of the same cells. The amazing thing about these is that they can also develop into different types of cells. Regenerative cells will mature into whatever cell location they are placed in, including skin, cartilage, and even muscle. When this ability is harnessed by medicine, it can do amazing things.

Regenerative cell therapy shows much promise for the treatment of a wide range of conditions and diseases. In the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery, examples include a regenerative medicine-based approach for things such as hair growth, facelifts, and even anti-aging therapies. The principles underlying this science-based approach are quickly making new therapies possible in many different fields. It’s a very exciting time.

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Regenerative Cells

At Virginia Surgical Center, we strive to help our patients learn all the information that may have an impact on their treatment, both now and in the future. In that spirit, let’s take a closer look at regenerative cells.
Regenerative cells can be categorized into two broad types of cells.

  • Embryonic cells: These cells are, as the name implies, from embryos.
  • Adult regenerative cells: These cells come from an adult, and act as the body’s repair system.
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A Closer Look at Regeneration

Innovative surgeons are using regenerative cell harvesting and administration as a means of treating various conditions. These surgeons are combining PRP (platelet-rich plasma) taken from a persons’ blood sample and using it for treatment, as the PRP contains materials that are needed for the regeneration process of healing.

In any healing process, there is a certain order that the body follows to heal itself. The first thing that happens is called the inflammation phase, which begins the healing process. This is then followed by the regenerative phase, where the platelets supply the growth factors and proteins that signal the body’s own regenerative cells to help with healing. At this point, the healing process includes things such as new blood growth, collagen synthesis, and new tissue regeneration.

Regenerative Cell Therapy

Is regenerative cell therapy right for you? Each patient has a different set of needs and comes to us with a unique set of circumstances. Our experienced team will sit down with you during a consultation and discuss your hair loss goals, as well as strategies to combat this issue. If you are interested in learning about PRP therapy and regenerative treatments, we’ll be glad to discuss them with you and see if you’d make a good candidate. Contact one of our three offices to make an appointment. We have locations in Northern Virginia near McLean, Virginia Beach, and Richmond, VA, and all of them are equipped for these types of procedures.

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