Truth about Biotin for Hair Growth

Biotin for hair growthThere has been a lot of talk about biotin in the media recently.Some say that it is nothing more than a supplement. Others claim that it is somewhat effective in growing hair. While there are mixed feelings about this dietary supplement, many individuals have found that it worked for them. In many cases the test subject stated that it helped them grow their hair thicker and longer. It’s important for any individual considering this supplement to be informed of the truth about biotin for hair growth. Below, individuals will find some important information on understanding biotin for hair growth.

How Biotin for Hair Growth Works

Biotin is created from yeast and bacteria. Individuals naturally produce biotin in their bodies. The biotin is then used for many different things in the body. It strengthens the muscles, bones and tissues. Biotin is also used in the growth of hair and new skin cells. It is said that it makes hair healthier and more abundant. For individuals who are experiencing hair loss, extra biotin may help the hair grow in thicker, healthier and longer. 

Biotin Topically or Orally

There is a lot of information that is contradictory regarding whether biotin is best taken topically or orally. The truth is that experts don’t think biotin can be absorbed through the skin. Much like collagen, which is available in thousands of topical creams, biotin is thick and if it is possible for the skin to absorb it, it is not done easily. However, when biotin is taken orally and goes into the body through the blood stream, it has better potential to work. This allows the body to use the supply of biotin to boost hair growth and prevent or alleviate hair loss.

Biotin Deficiency

The reason biotin may work to stop hair loss or encourage new hair growth is because individuals who are biotin deficient often experience hair loss as a symptom. As the individual provides the body with the biotin it needs, the body is able to function again properly. Other signs of biotin deficiency include brittle fingernails, depression, chronic fatigue and more. In cases of biotin deficiency, a supplement may work to stop the hair loss an individual is suffering from.

Before You Go Out And Buy A Truck Load Of Biotin for Hair Growth

You should never ever take anything or try any over the counter product without talking to a hair loss expert. Virginia Surgical Center will give you the best option specifically for your hair loss situation. Scheduling a free hair loss consultation is as simple as completing our online form. You also have the option to call us on our toll free number – 1-888-764-9400

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