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“Trichophytic” Donor Closure Technique

Hair loss solution for VA, MD and Washington D.C. residents

The new “Trichophytic Donor Closure” technique allows for improved camouflage of a linear donor scar. Before the trichophytic (aka “tricho”) closures, a patient could expect their donor scar to be 0-2mm in width. Normally, the surrounding hair would easily cover the scar. For some patients with very short hairstyles or buzzcuts, the resulting donor scar could sometimes be visible. The trichophytic closure is a type of ‘overlapping’ technique which results in hair growing directly through the donor scar. This can dramatically improve coverage of the donor scar in those with short hair.

Our surgeons use the trichophytic donor closure technique as a routine part of all of his linear donor harvests.

The trichophytic donor closure can be used on patients who have had previous procedures and are looking for improvement in the camouflage of their donor scar, patients who need 1800 plus graphs, as well as patients who are undergoing hair transplantation for the first time.

With Virginia Surgical Hair Center Micro-Follicular Unit hair transplantation, all of the grafts are dissected using state of the art Mantis Microscopes, enabling minimal, if any, tissue waste. This results in a cleaner, more precise Follicular Unit and contributes to the best, most natural end result.

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