Women Receding Hairline: Female Hair Loss Myth

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Women receding hairline – those are three words that no woman ever wants to hear. Unfortunately it is a growing epidemic and this article was written to help find a solution. 

There seems to be a myth that hair loss only effects men, however, debunking this myth can expose you to millions of women today that suffer from receding hairlines. For males hair loss can be an emotional aspect of life. However when it comes to one of the beautiful features of women it becomes a life altering event.

In most cases with men the receding hairline starts around the crown and thins out over time. When it comes to a woman’s receding hairline the hair thins all around the scalp and in some cases causes bald patches.

Various factors are involved when it comes to women suffering from a receding hairline. The best way to defeat thinning or balding hair is to know the facts. Just searching the Internet for help is not recommended. It is extremely difficult to find the truth when it is buried in a sea of horrible and misguided information. 

According to case studies it is around the age of thirty that woman begin to notice their receding hairline. Cosmetic rituals such as using dyes, bleaches, and tints have chemicals that over time harm your hair and will stunt its growth. Perms can also play a role in weakening the hair follicles. Even rubbing to hard with a towel when drying your hair can effect hair loss.

I am sure that you like most little girls were taught at a young age that it was healthy to brush your hair. However as you get older brushing your hair to often can lead to thinning, if unchecked it can even lead to balding. 

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Drastic changes in the body have been linked to hair loss, two of which directly effects women. Rapid weight loss over a short period of time can cause a receding hairline. This is a side effect that many of the crash diets on the market today fail to mention. Another case study that you may find surprising is that it has been proven that women can possibly lose hair after pregnancy. This is mainly do to the hormones in the body being out of synch after pregnancy.

Last but not least your genes play a significant role in predetermining whether you are predisposed to thinning and or balding. Such hereditary genes like androgenetic alopecia have the same affect on men as they do women. Referred to as pattern baldness, the gene slowly thins the hair to the point that it is to weak and falls out.

Your next step is to schedule an appointment with a hair loss expert. This is the only way to ensure that you have accurate information which you will need to determine whats best for you. Click the big yellow button and you will be taken to a free online hair consultation form. Complete the form and you will be contacted. Its that simple!

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