Hair Loss Procedures in Virginia

Virginia Surgical Hair Center near Washington D.C. may be able to help determine the cause of the hair loss, as well as determine if you are eligible for a hair transplant procedure.

The hair loss procedures we offer include:

Our Most Common Procedures

During our follicular unit grafting procedure, we move hair in follicular units, cutting away the non-hair bearing skin between them, and then we transplant them into tiny slits on the top of the head. We intentionally keep hair grafts as small as possible, while keeping the follicular units intact, so that you can have a better chance of creating a totally natural appearance after the procedure is complete.

Our follicular unit transplant and extraction procedure removes a small strip of donor tissue which is then dissected under close magnification. The extraction procedure uses small punches to remove each follicular unit one at a time. Then a single strip of skin is harvested from the scalp in the back of the head. Using special microscopes, the strip is then dissected into individual follicular groups of one to four hairs for a more natural look.

Have Minimal Scars

The "trichophytic" donor closure technique allows for a linear donor scar to be camouflaged, even in those patients with short hairstyles or buzz cuts. In other procedures, the surrounding hair could easily cover the scar. For those patients with very short hair, the donor scar could be visible. With the trichophytic closure, the "overlapping" technique results in hair growing directly through the donor scar. This dramatically improves coverage of the scar.

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We understand that the hair on your head and the way it looks is very important whether you style it or let it be natural. Hair can be one of the first things that people notice, and may help create a great first impression. If you are self-conscious about the way that your hair looks, it can cause you to feel comfortable. Give us a call today at (888)764-9400 to inquire about which procedure may be right for you or schedule a free hair loss consultation!

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