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Medical Director of Virginia Surgical Center - McLean, VA

Samuel A. Botta, M.D.

Virginia Surgical Center

Dr. Samuel Botta is a board certified cosmetic surgeon who has over 30 years of surgical experience in all types of facial and total body cosmetic surgery. He has now dedicated his career solely to performing follicular unit hair transplantation because current technology allows him to offer the patient a more natural result.

Samuel A. Botta, M.D.

Dr. Botta’s artistic surgical skill offers each patient excellence in results, while his empathy to understand and relate to his patients helps them to feel comfortable and confident in their decision to restore their hair through hair transplantation. To be able to positively influence a person’s life is the personal gratification Dr. Botta receives from each and every procedure.

1. Education

Medical Degree; University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy

2. Residency

General Surgery, McKeesport Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA

3. Fellowship

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, Straith Hospital, Detroit, Michigan

4. Publications

Dr. Botta has numerous medical publications in prestigious journals. These include publications in the scientific journals of: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Annals of Plastic Surgery, The American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery, Facial Plastic Surgery and Contemporary Surgery.

5. Membership & Certifications

  • The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery
  • The American Board of Anti Aging / Regenerative Medicine
  • The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • The American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
  • International Society for Dermatologic Surgery

6. Presentations

Dr. Botta has been a frequent invited speaker at numerous national as well as international scientific medical conferences.

Commonly Asked Questions Answered by Our Doctor

1. Is it true that you also perform more facial hair transplants than anyone else in the region?

Yes, we are considered the leader in facial hair transplants for beards, mustache, goatee and sideburns. Optimum results in facial hair transplants involves a very fine artistry and technical skill. It is imperative that the surgeon has fine-tuned the skills to follow the natural direction, angle of growth and correct matching of hair density while, at the same time, using the smallest possible recipient sites.

2. What is PRP?

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. It is concentrated from a patients own blood sample and contains hundreds of proteins called Growth Factors and Cytokines which promote the healing process. These will help stimulate and revitalize the dormant hair follicles.

3. What are stem cells?

Stem Cells are what we call pluripotent cells which mean they have the potential to develop into different cell types. What determines the cells that they mature into is the environment in which they are placed. Therefore stem cells placed in the vicinity of hair follicles will produce a regeneration of follicular cells. Combining PRP with stem cells greatly potentiates the effects of each.

4. Do you preform eyebrow transplants?

Yes, we preform more eyebrow as well as facial hair transplants than anyone in the area. Eyebrow restoration is an especially artistic skill that can enhance the facial features of people who have lost hair as a result of disease, genetics, scars or overplucking. Many of my clients have requested this procedure and my goal is to always give them a natural shape and thickness that is appropriate for their face shape.

5. What inspired you to become a hair transplant physician?

I experienced hair loss myself at a young age, and so I know the physical as well as the psychological effects hair loss may have on a patient. On a professional level, the thought, planning, design and artistry needed by the surgeon preforming hair transplantation makes each procedure its own masterpiece.

6. What would you tell a patient considering a hair transplant?

I would explain how fortunate they are today to be able to take advantage of the advanced technology that is now available to them. Our use of microscopic dissection and follicular unit transplantation and lateral slits for the recipient site creates very natural results.

7. How do you determine who is a candidate for hair transplant surgery?

This is always a question of supply and demand. Is the donor hair supply sufficient to meet the desired expectations of the patient? If not, there are always other options offered at Virginia Surgical Center to satisfy the patients’ individual needs.

8. What is you artistic background and how has it helped you in achieving better results?

After completing my residency and fellowship, I immediately specialized and dedicated my entire career to solely cosmetic surgery. For the last 30 years, I have performed almost every type of cosmetic surgery, which involves obtaining the best aesthetic results for each patient. With the advancement in current surgical techniques for hair replacement, the last several years I now dedicate my practice entirely to hair transplantation.

9. What is your philosophy on hair restoration?

My philosophy is simple – Results! My goal is to strive to give each patient the best results possible. My purpose is to help make each patient happy, satisfied and content. I am excited, as they are when I see their results. My gratification is in seeing the impact it has made in their life. I so often see a marked change in self-esteem and self-confidence. I see a negative outlook change to a positive one. This procedure also has social as well as psychological affects. When you look at it closely- it affects their whole life, every single day, in so many different ways.

10. What can a patient expect in terms of a natural look?

Patients are fortunate to have the techniques that we offer today which were not available years ago. They are fortunate in that the results are so much more natural looking. With follicular unit transplantation, we mimic nature as much as possible. We divide and transplant the follicular units as they naturally grow. Therefore, we are transplanting one, two, three, and four hair units. That is how small the transplants actually are. I strive to make each transplanted area as dense as technically possible. In some cases, even greater density can be achieved by inter-placing more units on subsequent procedures. Therefore, if the donor supply is sufficient, then the patient has the opportunity to decide on just what density is right for him.

11. What is your approach to patient care?

Foremost, to let the patient truly feel and know that I hold their interests and concerns as the number one priority and help them to be relaxed and comfortable through the whole surgical experience. This starts with the initial consultation, involves the day of the surgical procedure, and continues well through the post-operative healing process.

12. What sets you apart from other hair transplant surgeons?

Besides having the surgical ability an expertise which other surgeons may or may not possess what I feel sets me apart from other surgeons is my complete honesty and sincere empathy for each patient. At the completion of the surgical procedure, I want each patient to feel and know that he has received my best possible efforts.

13. Do you often work with patients who seek help due to undesirable result from older technologies?

I see how disappointed these patients feel about these prior procedures not working out adequately. I understand what they have sacrificed and went though with their previous surgeries. Therefore, I see it as a personal challenge to be able to help these patients in whatever way possible, that they can finally proceed with new confidence in obtaining natural-looking results.

14. Is it better to begin addressing hair loss early?

This is definitely the trend today and of course the smart way to handle the misfortune of early hair loss. A young patient is able to obtain a natural head of hair before the hair loss becomes too noticeable. They stay ahead of the game, so to speak. Hair loss at a young age has so much more damaging psychological effects for the patient. These years can never be given back otherwise.

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